Powerful tool that allows users to manage and monitor their workflows

The Camadmin, which can be hosted on your server, manages multiple instances and running via SSO.

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Main Features Of Camadmin

Camadmin is a powerful admin panel that provides advanced capabilities for managing and monitoring business processes that are modeled using the Camunda BPMN engine.

Free and Open-Source

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Collaboration and communication

Camadmin includes collaboration and communication features that enable users to discuss process issues, share data, and work together to resolve process problems

Real-time process monitoring

App provides real-time monitoring of business processes, allowing you to track the progress of process instances and view detailed information about running tasks, variables, and other process data.

Integration with external systems

Camadmin can be integrated with external systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems via own REST API

About Camadmin monitoring

Brilliant Toolkit for Analyze Data with multiple instances.

Camadmin is the web-based monitoring and administration tool for Camunda BPM platform, which provides insights into running processes, incidents, jobs, and other related data.

App provides a variety of charts and metrics that can help you identify issues and analyze process performance. Some useful charts to look at include the Activity Instance Duration chart, the Process Definition Performance chart, and the Incidents chart.

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Any Questions? Answered

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers for a custom admin panel that is self-hosted on the user's server: